Women's Circle - Apr. 30

Women's Circle - Apr. 30

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Are you looking for deeper connection with yourself and other like-minded women?  We'd love to have you join us at our monthly Women's Circle!

Our two hour circle events are facilitated by Moms Gone Wild's founder, Cheryl Zandbergen and incorporate all the values that MGW stands for.  These include: connection, support, personal growth, empowerment, and self care.
There will be a theme for each circle that will guide you to feel empowered heading into the month ahead.  At each circle, there will be a short guided meditation or breathing exercise, a guided journaling activity, sharing among women,.... and hugs.  There will be lots of hugs (consented, of course!). 💛

This is a supportive and safe space. You're welcome to share as much or as little as you'd like. 

Wear comfy clothes and "come as you are".  
Please bring a journal and pen as well as yoga mat or pillow to sit on.
Event Details:
Sunday, April 30th, 7 to 9pm
Location: TBD within Pitt Meadows / Maple Ridge

Nervous or Undecided?!
I understand that you may feel anxious about attending this event, especially if you've never experienced anything like it.  Please know that we are a very welcoming and inclusive group.  We were all new at one point and we remember and respect the courage it takes to put yourself out there.  Give us a chance and we'll make it worth your while!  You deserve to be heard and to feel loved.  If you have questions please email cheryl@momsgonewild.ca.