Summer Bootcamp
Summer Bootcamp

Summer Bootcamp

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We've partnered up with Kirsten Hijdra of Now or Never Outdoor Bootcamps Maple Ridge B.C to offer an incredible summer bootcamp program which includes UNLIMITED classes!!

Kirsten is famously known for her upbeat and effective workouts, which are SGX style bootcamps.  Although SGX sounds intimidating and is followed by the world's most elite obstacle course competitors, it is designed for every fitness level and any age.  It is grounded in functional bodyweight exercise which improves agility, athleticism and power; the workouts are progressive.  You will not be thrown into the deep-end.  You will, however, leave with a sense of accomplishment, empowerment and strength. 

Not in prime shape?  No worries!  That's exactly why Kirsten does what she does.  She thrives on pushing people to their own limits and enables them to reach their potential.  Have no fear - you will be among fellow moms!  

10 weeks - June 18th to August 31st
*No classes July 1st to 7th or August 6th*

6 classes per week:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00AM
Monday and Wednesday at 7:30PM
Saturday at 7:00 or 8:00AM

Monday classes in June take place at Vancity Ninja Gym in PoCo.
Thursday classes for July / Aug take place at Vancity Ninja Gym.
All other classes at various outdoor locations around MR.

Kirsten will announce the location of each boot camp class at the beginning of the week on Facebook.  Therefore, you must follow her page (Now or Never Outdoor Bootcamps Maple Ridge B.C) to take part in this series.  Please also join our private support group here -

There is no childcare for these classes, however, children can attend the weekday morning classes.  During these classes they are the responsibility of their mother and must be supervised at all times.

You can attend as many of the classes as you like and are guaranteed a spot in every class.  Works out to approximately $12 per week!

Reminder: Moms Gone Wild has a no refund policy.  Transfers are allowed until the series begins (June 18th) but after that point will not be accepted. Please let us know via email ( if you do transfer a ticket. Thanks for your cooperation.