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High Vibe Sundays

High Vibe Sundays

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This 4 week series: “High Vibe Sundays" will provide women with something we all seem to be craving. A connection with community. A recent poll showed that many people consider themselves more “spiritual” than “religious”, and “church” has been redefined. But if we don’t regularly convene with like minded people, how do we feel connected? How do we feel supported? How do we come together and be inspired and collectively inspire others? 

Weekly Sunday meetings will be your scheduled self care time! Short, guided meditations and mindfulness exercises that will lead into prompts and discussion around specific topics that matter to us including- self care, self love, mom guilt, and steps to making those massive mindset shifts we know we need to make to live happier healthier lives.  We will laugh, share, and probably cry. There will also be times to get your thoughts out on paper and do some journaling so please bring a pen and somewhere to make notes. 

What can you expect out of this 4 weeks?
- An opportunity to look forward to dedicated “me time” weekly
- Connection and even new friendships
-Tools to help you navigate common challenges including how to squeeze more self care into your days
- New ways to talk to your self, get out of your funks, and deal with the things that have been holding you back
- A new relationship with your SELF. You know-that woman you were before you had kids? Her-you’re going to reconnect with her. 
- New habits to incorporate, ways to identify your strengths and find your purpose, and rewriting the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck
- And much, much more! 

Event Details:
This workshop series takes place on four consecutive Sundays: Nov. 17, 24 and Dec. 1 and 8 from 2:30pm to 4:00pm.  Our meeting place is the Multipurpose Room at Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall (12460 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC).

What to bring: water, coffee, or tea in your earth friendly containers, yoga mats or meditation cushions, a notebook, and a pen.

About our facilitator:

Sunit Suchdev is an author and speaker with an undergraduate degree in health sciences. She is also certified as a life coach, adult educator, functional nutritionist, and meditation teacher. She combines her expertise and passions to help women level up in all areas of their life.

After having a breakdown that allowed her to break through, she is now serving women who are READY for it ALL. As a holistic lifestyle coach, she works with those who are ready to shift their mindset, heal their bodies, and find their soul’s purpose. She is passionate about inspiring women to live a more intentional, holistic, and high vibe life, and bases her offerings and podcast around taking our power back in the areas of mind, body, soul, and motherhood. 

Sunit regularly runs online and in person workshops around mindset and holistic health and is the host of “the High Vibe Life" Podcast

See what people are saying about previous workshops with Sunit here: https://sunitsuchdev.com/the-high-vibe-life

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