I've gone wild. I hope you do too.

This is the jump that started it all.

For five years prior to my feet leaving that rock I thought of myself as "just a mom".   My average day looked like this:  wake to child's face inches from my own. cook. dress. brush teeth. entertain. plan meals. shop. cook (again).  schedule activities. chauffeur. referee siblings. fold laundry. cook (again). monitor play. bandage scrapes. bathe. read stories. tuck to bed. negotiate with toddler. tuck (again). cross fingers. binge on chocolate and popcorn and reality television. repeat.

Sound familiar?

To say I felt like a zombie slogging through the apocalypse wouldn't be a stretch.  Don't get me wrong; I love my children and I absolutely cherish being a mother.  That said, I want to define myself as more than someone else's keeper.  I yearn for adult conversation and adventure and escaping the monotonous routine that raising children leads to. 

All it took was one jump and I became hooked on seeking out new and exciting activities to try.  It quickly became my goal to inspire as many mothers as I could to discover, or rediscover, what makes their own heart sing.  It is so unbelievably rewarding to witness other women overcome their fears and put themselves first for a change.

The best benefit of all is that at the end of the day we walk back into our roles as mothers feeling rejuvenated, strong and ready to tackle whatever challenges might be thrown our way.