Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we've made the decision to cancel all in person events. We're working hard to create virtual opportunities for connection and learning. Click here to check out our ongoing events and fundraisers!

At Moms Gone Wild we're huge advocates for supporting all aspects of mothers' lives, including their mental health.  Becoming a parent brings about massive changes to one's life.  Often times, this journey leaves us feeling overwhelmed, lonely, and exhausted.  It's difficult to navigate motherhood with so many critical external (and internal) voices.

Our series of mental health seminars and workshops is designed to hold space for an honest conversation about motherhood.  We hope to provide a sense of empowerment, hope and solidarity within our community. If you'd like to be invited to our next workshop please be sure to sign up for our email list and join our Facebook Community.

These events would not be possible without the support and generosity of many local businesses and individuals!  If you'd like to be involved in a future mental health event for mothers please email cheryl@momsgonewild.ca.

Combating Anxiety During COVID-19 - April 14, 2020

The latest installment of our Mental Health Speaker Series is here! 🙌♥️

I had the opportunity today to have a heart to heart with Tabasom Eblaghie., RCC about what we can do to control our thoughts and emotions when life feels out of control. Our discussion was guided by the themes that emerged from the questions that many of you submitted last week.

We focused on what to do in terms of:
1) Physical Health
2) Emotional Health
3) Spiritual Health
4) Mental Health

We also discussed what can be done to assist the children in our lives.

Please feel free to share the video with anyone who may benefit.

Above all else, please stay well and reach out if you are struggling.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this video is intended to assist the viewer to deal with thoughts and emotions and is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor or mental health provider. It does not replace the need for medications if prescribed by your physician or psychiatrist. Please consult your doctor if necessary.

Happy Parents, Happy Kids - Feb. 24, 2020

Main Speaker: Ann Douglas - Parenting and Mental Health Author
Other Speakers: Cheryl Zandbergen (Moms Gone Wild)
Sponsors: Supporters & Participants of our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament including Rushby Wealth Management and Budget Blinds, Kelly Brunt & Family, Burnett Fellowship Church, Little Willows Early Learning Child Care, Women in Business, and SLV Live Video Production

2020 02 24 Moms Gone Wild - Happy Parents Happy Kids .  This video was generously and beautifully produced for us us by SLV Live on Vimeo.


Mental Health for Mothers Event - May 23, 2019

Main Speaker: Tabasom Eblaghie, RCC
Other Speakers: Cheryl Zandbergen (Moms Gone Wild), Lisa Beare (MLA for Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows), and Judy Darcy (Minister of Mental Health & Addictions)
Sponsors: Sandy Hachey (Re/Max Lifestyles), Cassandra Rush (Re/Max Lifestyles), Little Willows Early Learning Child Care, Lisa Beare (MLA for Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows), Shawn Lam (SLV Live Video Production)


This video was beautifully and generously produced for us by Shawn Lam of SLV Live Video Production.



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