At Moms Gone Wild we're huge advocates for supporting all aspects of mothers' lives, including their mental health.  

Our Speaker Series is designed to hold space for an honest conversation about motherhood.  We hope to provide a sense of empowerment, hope and solidarity within our community.

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Past Seminars & Workshops

Ask An Expert: Mental Health & Motherhood During A Pandemic

Main Speaker: Dr. Michal Regev
Presenter: Cheryl Zandbergen, Moms Gone Wild

Combating Anxiety During COVID-19 

Main Speaker: Tabasom Eblaghie, RCC
Presenter: Cheryl Zandbergen, Moms Gone Wild


Happy Parents, Happy Kids 

Main Speaker: Ann Douglas - Parenting and Mental Health Author
Presenter: Cheryl Zandbergen, Moms Gone Wild

Mental Health for Mothers 

Main Speaker: Tabasom Eblaghie, RCC
Presenter: Cheryl Zandbergen, Moms Gone Wild
Other Speakers: Lisa Beare (MLA for Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows), and Judy Darcy (Minister of Mental Health & Addictions)

This video was beautifully and generously produced for us by Shawn Lam of SLV Live Video Production.