VIDEO: Happy Parents, Happy Kids

Parenting doesn’t happen in a bubble. As parents, we can’t help but be affected by what’s happening in the wider world. Is it any wonder then that so many of us are feeling anxious, guilty, and overwhelmed? In this thought- provoking presentation, Ann Douglas highlights the broader cultural forces that have made everything about parenting feel incredibly high stakes. Then she pivots to solutions, explaining how parents have the unique opportunity to serve as agents of change in their families and their communities. Her takeaway message is clear, powerful, and potentially life changing: you can tame the anxiety, embrace the joy, and thrive alongside your kids while building a better world.

You’ll learn....
• how to boost your enjoyment of parenting while maximizing the health and happiness of your entire family at the same time
• how to minimize stress, boost your mood, increase your energy level, and safeguard your physical and mental health — and how to encourage your kids to do the same
• how to zero in on the most effective parenting strategies (parenting strategies that work for parents and kids as opposed to parents or kids)
• why it’s so important to tap into support from “the village” — and why friendships are a necessity, not a luxury, for moms at each and every stage of parenting.

Main Speaker: Ann Douglas - Parenting and Mental Health Author

Presenter: Cheryl Zandbergen, Moms Gone Wild


About the Presenter:
Ann Douglas sparks conversations that matter about parenting and mental health. She is the weekend parenting columnist for CBC Radio and a bestselling parenting author. Her most recent book is Happy Parents, Happy Kids. A passionate and inspiring speaker, Ann delivers keynote addresses and leads small-group workshops at health, parenting, and education conferences across the country.

If you've already met Ann via one her books, you know what you can expect from one of her presentations: to be inspired, informed, and entertained. Not only will she shift your thinking about parenting: she’ll move you to action as well—and in a way that leaves you feeling confident and capable as opposed to anxious, guilty, or overwhelmed.

For over two decades, Canadians have turned to Ann Douglas for her reassuring, parent-proven, and never-bossy advice. This is your chance to tap into some of that wisdom.


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