because we're more than "just moms"

Join the movement and go wild!

Why Moms Gone Wild?

You deserve some "me time".

Motherhood is a tough gig.  Yes, it is absolutely one of the most rewarding "jobs" in the world.  But it can be thankless.  Like most of us, you probably devote the majority of your time to the little people you brought into this world.  You wipe their butts, cook their dinner, and schedule their lives.  But what about you?! It's time to treat yourself to a much deserved adventure!

C'mon, you've earned it!
Women wearing unicorn hats embracing

Women who play together, stay together!

We crave adult conversation and friendships that go beyond play dates, soccer fields and pool decks.  One of the best thing about Moms Gone Wild is the community that it has become.  We've high-fived, cheers'd, comforted, motivated, laughed, teased, encouraged and supported one another through many obstacles - both at our special events as well as in "real life". It is so easy to make life-long friendships at Moms Gone Wild!  All you have to do is show up.

Find your perfect event

Your heart wants to sing.

Before becoming a mother you may have been a professional, an athlete, a painter, a creator, an adventurer, a traveller, or a go-getter.  There was something you did that lit you up.  Something that made you smile a bit bigger and made your eyes glow with passion.  There's still a fire in that belly of yours.  It may be a bit dimmer, but it's there and it's dying to be doused in gasoline. Your body, mind and spirit crave adventure!  

Rediscover your passions

Thousands of moms have already gone wild!

Thank you so much for organizing the flying trapeze night!!! I literally can't wipe the smile off my face. I have been to a few Moms Gone Wild events and I am so impressed by the supportive environment and wonderful women who come out and take part. I left feeling giddy, refreshed, and inspired. 

Carley G.

It is so easy for me to tell my kids and husband every day how proud I am of them. For some reason I never say "I am proud of myself". Last night after the flying trapeze event I came home busting at the seams with pride and said "I am so proud of myself!" I said it out loud several times and it felt so good! Thank you for planning these events because I realize now that the best way for me to teach the kids how to be proud of themselves is for me to show them how it's done. Looking forward to challenging myself again soon!

Jenny G.

Cheryl, I think you have awakened something in us moms that we had been ignoring to put the needs of others in front of our own. But with Moms Gone Wild we are realizing that we can do both and be better moms for it. Keep it up moms!

Monique T.

I have attended multiple events with Moms Gone Wild and have loved every thrilling, or relaxing second of it!! I have loved spending time with my friends, and meeting awesome new moms. I have been on adventures I never would have done on my own. And it's been a blast.

Liz B.

I had such a great time and have been bragging about it all day.

Jenii S.

Cheryl is such an inspiring community leader! She began with getting us all together for adventure with our kids and she now has brought us all together for adventures for ourselves. I love these events and feel so blessed to have found a community of fun, fearless mamas in which to belong!


There are a variety of events that are enjoyable and suitable for everyone. Whether you're into the outdoors, fitness or are the artsy type, there is something for you. Cheryl is amazing and all the events have been fabulous.

Barbara F.

An incredible network of incredible women. Every event I've been to has been enriching, sociable and fun! It only takes one event and then you'll be hooked! I sure was

Kiley C.

The best community group out there! I’ve had the opportunity to participate in curling, the mental health speaker series and the MGW golf tournament! All of the moms are so friendly and welcoming and the founder/event organizer Cheryl is an amazing human being! She brings Mom’s together and provides a supportive and safe place for them to have fun and participate in events we may have never participated in before (trapeze, kayaking, quadding, etc). If you are a mom in the community, I highly recommend attending an event, you won’t be disappointed!

Kelly R.